Flirt Diva's Weekly Flirting Tips
How to snag a footballer

2010 will be remembered as a time when elite sportsmen suffered an all time low as far as their reputation for womanising and cheating goes. But surely they’re not all like that? Now is the perfect time for the ladies to get out there and bag your own top player.


Take advantage of the last phase of the season. Sure it may be still freezing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step out into the sports arena which is simply oozing flirting opportunities, whether you’re a wannabe WAG, or simply keen to check out the spectator talent. Think back in time to the days of old where the sports field was a place we went for a fun filled family day or a school excursion, now look at it as quality place where you could hook a Premier League partner. Seriously, many a footballer’s wife has scored within the environmens of the game, it’s all about vital tactics, and having a legitimate interest in the game.

In July 2006 when Cheryl Cole said, ‘I can’t wait to be a footballer’s wife’ she was prepared to chip in and sit through as many long matches as it took. And so can you.

  1. Gather your friends and find a match, a game or a sporting event that you’ve got even the tiniest bit of interest in and get yourself out there.
  2. If you want to bag yourself a top player, study the fixture list to work out where the players’ are.
  3. Find out which Premiership league matches are playing near your local area, and actually go to a match. Make a day of it.
  4. Be on top of your game, read the sports section of the paper and be aware who’s scoring in the Premier League’s charts.
  5. Don’t settle for being a spectator, get involved with the Ladies teams which are popping up everywhere and actually play the game! That way you won’t just look fit, you’ll be fit.
  6. Don’t worry about glamming up at the game, that’s too try-hard and you’ll just look silly. Go for a sporty and athletic look instead.
  7. Research the post-game nights when the players are out partying. Find the popular haunts that they socialise in, apparently there’s a regular West End circuit they do – it’s not hard to find the names of the clubs.
  8. Phone the venue in advance and use your poshest accent to secure your name on the guest list.
  9. Nightlife and clubbing is serious business so be sure to dress the part: Gorgeous. Glam and Fake everything - from hair, nails and tan
  10. Finally, if you are successful, be prepared to fight for your love!
How to pull... at the gym

The sense of a new year and a new adventure – propped up by evidence of pigging out over Christmas and before – is enough to turn most single people into an almighty force in the gym.

[At the Gym]

Down at the gym, it's not just exercising that requires proper form and technique! Take advantage and hit the gym now, while it’s crammed with determined exercise bunnies, dead keen do something about those New Year's resolutions.

Try out Flirt Diva's top 5 tips for pulling in the gym.

For starters, get moving and be prepared to ‘put it out there’. Too many people who have been going to the same gym for years just smile at each other, but that’s so lame. Rather than just zoning out, you’ve got to let your ego take the back seat, be prepared to take a risk and step it up! You’ve already got loads in common – now’s the time to exploit that.

Step 1
Ladies, by all means show of your enviable toned figure, but keep in mind that guys become faint and dizzy – some may call it a form of intimidation – by the fuscia pink lycra get-ups, or the head to toe Nike for that matter. Dress appropriately, be approachable and look good, just don’t go all OTT. On the other hand, sloppy tee's and baggy shorts will not cut it! Nor will accessories, leave the earphones in the locker, they make you completely unapproachable.

Likewise, some guys, but not all, are how shall we say, put off by girls who can outrun/out-lift and really out-anything them! Sad but true. So if you are looking to find a guy at the gym you may just need to play down your abilities just a tad.

Of course, this is not across the board, some guys are secure enough to take on any super girl who has the ability, but surprisingly it is often the guys are really non-sporty who are that way inclined.

Step 2
I’m not trying to tell you how to suck eggs, but do make a point to work out where the opposite sex is. Guys, if you want to be noticed outside of the weights arena, check out the LBT (legs, bums and tums class) and Body Combat classes. Ladies, will need to sign up for the spin classes, do the circuit and work out in the weights area.

Step 3
Ladies, keep in mind that guys really do have eyes in the back of their heads at the gym. So anytime you innocently have a big old stretch, be aware that guys are checking you out big time!!

Another thing, they are constantly looking for opportunities to help girls out (caveman instinct?), so don’t be afraid to struggle with a piece of equipment set-up, or lifting a weight, and count to three before you find them gallantly at your side asking if you need help.

Seriously, it really is that easy. The men folk see the gym as their turf, it’s all about testosterone and showing off. This is when their inner hero leaps out. Take advantage, it’s fun!

And please, use your charm. Just because you’re perspiring like a pig doesn’t mean you can’t still have a cheeky glint in your eye. And besides, a bit of sweat can be sexy. Eye up a guy on a machine, or while his lifting weights and ask them how much longer they are going to be. And smile damn you!

Step 4
This one’s for guys and girls – see someone you like? Great. Catch their eye and smile, which leads into... yes that’s right…a conversation!

People have gym routines. And chances are if you see them at 7.00 pm on Monday evening, they will be there, same time, same place next week. Also, most members have the same routine once they are in the gym. They work out their training patterns and so should you.

Once you know what they are, it’s easy to eye up the bike/treadmill beside them, or get-in first on a piece of equipment so they have to ask you when you are going to finish.

Then it’s just a case of smiling and kicking off some banter, i.e. 'What are you training for?’ or `What’s your thing: weights, classes or circuits?’ `What are you after endurance or strength’... and finally ’Do you know any good bars around here?

Step 5
Or, if you want to short circuit all that carry-on and you’re really looking for the easy stuff, just go hang out in the unisex steam room. We are talking meat market central here. There's a reason girls wear bikinis. See if you can guess what it is.

How to find love on New Year's Eve

New Years Eve – a night when anything goes – and a story for the grandkids if you manage to find your soul-mate on this auspicious eve. Here, the Flirt Diva advises what to do to set yourself up for a new romantic NYE adventure...


Dress to impress
Don’t hold back with all the bells and whistles. This is one night where it really pays to put out the wow factor. So start now. Guys shine your shoes and book in a visit to the barber. Girls, get that just-in-case wax, style your hair and put your party pants on.

Make your New Years resolution before you step out
So if romance is looming large as one of your 2010 goals – now’s the time to start on your love mission. Take a minute before you step out to write down what you hope to achieve that night – whether it’s a snog or a stayer; a kiss or a keeper.

Then write down 3 New Years challenges – the crucial thing is they must involve being bold. For example, you might make a pact with yourself to approach up to 3 potential strangers – so that by midnight – you’ve got loads of options about who you want to reel in.

Or, promise yourself to be super flirty right from the word go with that playmate you’ve had that ongoing frisson with – it’s just never quite developed into anything. Make this the one time you get over those little gremlin voices that tell you, ‘you can’t’ and make this the night that actually, ‘you can!’.

Have your ice-breakers ready to go
A bunch of questions about New Years always hits the spot: ‘Hey what did you do last New Years?’ ‘Best New Years you’ve ever had?’ Where would you love to be this time Next Year?’

Don’t get too smashed before midnight
You want to snog – romantically, passionately and have a lustful moment to remember, not stumble about in a drunken stupor. Pace yourself by sticking to the one type of drink and don’t mix. Do whatever you like after midnight, but try to keep yourself nice and tidy until then! Likewise don’t experiment with substances or drinks you’ve not tried before – you’ll be no fun at all if you’re out cold before midnight.

Don’t be shy
Do make a lunge at that certain someone come midnight. This is one time in the year you can absolutely get away with it – so go for it. And start your New Year off on the right note! If it all goes pear shape, you can make a fresh New Years resolution the next morning. Enjoy!

Sex and seduction tips for the office Christmas party

So you’ve got your office Xmas parties lined up over the next few weeks, and you think this could be your chance to snare that hottie from accounts?

[Xmas Party]

Fine so long as you curb the temptation to turn into a hard drinking, hard flirting snog-monster. In this day of PC, credit crunching carry on, Xmas parties are a time to let down your hair – within reason of course, and since fifty percent of all romances bloom at the office, what’s the harm in trying?

Flirt Diva Sue Ostler reveals the lowdown for getting what you want, not facing sexual harassment charges – and how to cope should the worst happen.

Initiate contact with your ‘intended one’ before the party. Acknowledge that they’ll be going with a brief friendly email saying something along the lines of: ‘can’t wait to catch up over a Xmas party drinks!’

Make eye-contact as soon as you arrive, no use playing hard to get and then, next thing you know, vamoose, they’ve gone. Christmas comes but once a year, prepare to be bold!

Make the chitchat more memorable than just stocking filler. Keep it pumping with lively animated banter.

Offer to buy them a drink, if ever there was a time to show your affection through generosity, this is it (especially if it’s on the company!)

Lure them onto the dance floor. Try to refrain from dirty dancing or snogging in front of your work colleagues, but do throw in your best moves and keep strong and smiley eye-contact at all times.

Share a mic and goo-goo eyes over a soppy love duo during a booze-fuelled Karaoke session.

Find some mistletoe and move in for a cheeky peck – just on the cheek thanks. Save the pash for when you’re alone – together at last.

Fast-forward to the worst-case scenario afterwards. Consider the effects that any encounters of the `interesting kind’ with co-workers could have – you may have a case of the ‘OMG’s come Monday so it’s really going to have to be worth it.

It's simple. Don’t get completely smashed, snog your boss – or your boss’s partner!

How to a coffee shop

Sipping an espresso and chilling in a coffee-shop is more than just a great way to relax; there have been many a happy couple who have first set eyes on each other during a chance meeting at a crowded coffee shop. It's easy – once you know how…

  1. Eye contact
    The first thing to establish is eye-contact, and the secret is to be brave if you spot someone. Let them know immediately that you've acknowledged them with a quick, high impact look. Once you've established that 'coffee soul-mate' moment, give them a very cheeky, and slightly guilty smile, that tells them you know you've been rumbled checking them out.
  2. Facial expression
    It may sound a tad obvious, but do be conscious of keeping an agreeable expression on your face. All too often when we let our face relax, between smiles, it defaults into a sour or disinterested expression. Be aware of keeping a relaxed half-smile on your face in-between the killer smiles. Make sure your expression says, 'I'm friendly, I'm fun and approachable.' Your motto should be to make it easy for someone to approach you.
  3. Banter
    Have some ice-breakers up your sleeve at the ready, so once you've made eye-contact and shared a smile, it's the most natural thing in the world to saunter up and ask something. Pay attention to your environment and pick up on the cues. Ask what they recommend? Have they tried the muffins, the Eggnog Latté? Are they a cappuccino or frapuccino person? Carry a newspaper around with you and offer it to them with a flourish.

    Bring your laptop and ask if they know whether there's a power-supply around. Ask if they're familiar with the area, tell them you're scouting for a venue for a friend's birthday bash, do they know whether there are any good bars nearby? Keep things light, playful and fun. You're out having a coffee-break; it's a relaxed environment, so take advantage of it!
  4. Drive the conversation
    Keep it going; pepper it with stories, questions and snappy comebacks. Treat the chat as you would if you were with a good mate. It should be light, flirty and filled with laughs. If it's all going swimmingly, you can throw out an invitation for: 'same time, same place next week?'. Well it can't hurt can it?
  5. Have some fun with it!
    Over and above everything, try to be imaginative in your quest to find a flirt mate in a coffee bar. Research proves that many, many successful couples have met this way; you just have to have your optimist's hat on, put out a good vibe, be creative –and bold: Order the same drink as them, then take theirs by accident for an, 'Oops I'm sorry is this yours?' moment. The rest could well be history.
How to pick up at a gig

So you’re off to a gig this weekend, and while you don’t necessarily expect to find the love of your life... it’s worth keeping your eyes and ears open.

You’ve both got the same excellent taste in music after all, so why not exploit it?

Have a quiet but persuasive word with your mates before the gig. Sort out where you’ll be going for drinks afterwards and make it somewhere nice and close to where the gig is. That way if you do meet Mr or Ms freaking Marvellous, you won’t have the friends dragging you off somewhere dull afterwards – like home!

Body posture
You spot your sexy devil-may-care someone lounging up against a wall as you enter, and that’s when the 'OMG' moment happens. Here’s what to do: glide right past them, give them a sideways glance, slide straight to the bar, and then, look back over your shoulder with a big saucy smile to establish the vibe.

Grab your drink and head back to the spot where they’re slouching oh-so seductively. With one hand on the wall they’re propping up, and one hand on your beer, introduce yourself. Give them a big irristable grin and say, ‘Hey, I would have bought you a drink but I didn’t know you back then!’

Seriously though, it’s just too easy to make conversation since you’re both already in this ‘scene’ together, so take aim and fire. Ask if they know who the support act is. Did they see them? What time is the headliner coming on? Have they seen this band before? Where, when and how was that gig…? You get the picture. If things take off, tease the conversation out about more broadly about music and other stuff. Keep it light and have some fun: who’s their favourite band of all time; favourite record, best ever gig. Of course you’ll have a few hilarious gems up your sleeve to share with them to show you’ve got loads in common and ideally, make them laugh out loud.

Let the band begin
Once the band starts and it’s getting a little too noisy to chat, check out the chemistry. You’ll soon have a feel for it if your shoulders are shimmying along together to your favourite songs. Yes!

And finally…
Just as things are warming up you sense your pesky mates are getting all annoyed because you’re not hanging out with them, tell your new flirt mate you’d love to stay, but duty calls. Mention the spot where you’ll be heading for a drink afterwards, and extend a light-hearted: ‘Hey, maybe you’d like to come along?’

If they’ve already got plans, no sweat, just check that they’re on myspace or Facebook, whip out your phone to get their details so you can 'exchange favourite music clips’. So far so fabulous. Now it’s just a matter of telling them you haven’t seen nearly as many bands as you’d like lately, how about the two of you stay in touch? And voila a new band buddy is born!

Above all, do make an effort. It’s precisely here in these dark, boozy environments where we’re doing our own thing, and following our passions that we do tend to meet our soul mates. So why not enjoy the music in more ways than one?

How to pick up at the park…

Summer may be nearly over but nothing draws the eye like the sight of folk chilling in the park. The sense of freedom and fun, backlit by the fading sun is enough to turn single people into a luminous force in the landscape.

[At the Park]

Then one nippy morning, the scene changes – and no-one's there! So get moving and take advantage of the last weeks of crisp but still sunny days while the trees are turning to autumnal gold and the parks are still brimming with flirting opportunities.

Go back in time to the days of old where the park seemed to be a place where we could get away with anything, because traditionally the park is a place of innocence and fun. Well not anymore!

Find an excuse to have a party in the park, or use your next lunch-break or day off to get out there and make some eye-contact, just try not to get yourself arrested on stalkarazzi charges!

It's just too easy to strike up a conversation in this setting if you've got the right props and you're running around, being the life of the party.

Props for the guys:

oAfternoon tea that you can offer around in bite size bits: cupcakes; scones and strawberries (you'll get brownie points for the domestic god touch).

oA bottle of bubbly and spare plastic glasses – no harm in offering a cute stranger a drink

oBread to feed the birds (girls love animal lovers)

oA dog to walk (borrow if necessary) and lap up the attention.

oA child to dote on (preferably someone else's); show your paternal side

oAn iPod (Cue up a song and see if she can guess what it is)

oA guitar – this is a no-brainer

oBubble blowing liquid for big crazy bubbles

Props for the girls:

oA football (it will be love at first sight!)

oA cricket bat and ball (ditto)

oA kite

oA pack of playing cards – you never know if someone might be up for a game of Snap!

oA book

oKnitting – he'll be fascinated

oA hula hoop – swivel those hips!

oA boomerang. Or a Frisbee if you must be boring.

oBeing active, playing games, practicing your martial arts or playing your guitar are all good ice-breakers. But be warned, you could come across as balmy if you go overboard.

Conversational Ice-Breakers - Ask questions about anything and everything!

oDo you know where the kiosk is?

oWhere the closest tube station is?

oSay, “Excuse me my friend wants to talk to you”…and then snaffle them for yourself.

How to make the most of your weekend…

So you're feeling lusty now that the weekend's nearly here and frankly you'd like to get some action? The good news is that summer's not yet over and if you've got a festival on - well done you - the festivals are alive with the sounds of flirting opportunities.


Use your next festival to get out of your comfort zone, make some eye contact and crack out the lines. If you've not got a festival lined up this week – don't worry – you can still practice in the park, in the pub, at a party – anywhere staring with 'P'.

Here are top tips to increase your chances of meeting someone special...

  1. You're listening to the same band, you ask for her favourite song, then cue it up in your I-pod and hand her an earpiece.
  2. You wear a 'I'm single but not lovin' it' T-shirt and say 'But I might not be if you were around'.
  3. You're listening to the same music; you saunter over to her and say in your best rock star voice: 'I'll bet you look good on the dance-floor!'
  4. You ask her to dance
  1. He's wearing a Kings of Leon t-shirt, you say 'OMG, I' love that band!' and take it from there.
  2. You bump into him, spill your drink all over him and say, 'Why don't I buy us both a new one?'
  3. You smile and say 'do you know what time the next band starts?'
  4. You say: 'We're going dancing after the gig. You wanna come?'
How to the pub

So the leaves are turning gold, the air's turning cold and your thoughts are turning to being bold – well, let's hope so!

And now that the weather is no longer right for larking in the park, it's time to hit up some new hot spots.

Where are the most obvious place to road test your flirt prowess? How about the pub? Well why not.

It's easy, it's familiar and the booze will ensure everyone's in schmooze mode. And be adventurous – get out there and try new pubs. Don't spend all your time at your local!

OK, so here's the plan. You will arrange to get to the pub ten or fifteen minutes – before your mate. That means you will enter the bar alone. Got that? As you enter, go straight to the bar and order a drink. Use this opportunity to survey the environment. Find as many conversation pieces as you can. Is there a pool table? A juke box? A live band? A TV screen? You're looking for anything at all you can use as an ice-breaker.

OK, now that you've done your surveillance, it's time to discretely scan the room and spot a hottie. And then – approach:

Step 1. Find an excuse to brush right by them and give them a big, sunny smile – you'll soon know whether they're interested in talking or not. If the response is a green light, go to Step 2.

Step 2. Tell them you're waiting for your friend who hasn't turned up yet, do they mind if you wait with them. (I can personally guarantee this one!)

Step 3. Use questions as ice-breakers. “Do you play pool?” “Do you know this band?” “Who's winning this game?” “Is the food here any good?” “Have you tried the pub quiz?” You get the picture.

Step 4. Assuming there's nothing out of the ordinary to talk about, ask about the area. “Do you know the area?” “What's it like? Are there any other good places to go locally?

Step 5. If all that fails, tell them you've got a massive hangover and you're looking for the best hair of the dog there is. Do they have any suggestions?

Good luck!

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How to flirt...while speed dating

Whether you have plans to step out on a Speed Dating session, or take in a singles event, there are loads of ways to up your game. Here are the Flirt Diva's Top 5 Tips to take you from frazzled to dazzled and make an unforgettable first, fast impression. Use Flirt Diva's five special steps to find true love while speed dating

[Speed Dating]
  1. Presentation
    Have you checked your image up close and personal before you stepped out? How does your make-up look in natural light – no bleeding lipstick or panda eyes?
  2. Approachability
    Projecting the right vibe and exuding easy manners should start the moment you enter the room. Think about what your body says as you move around. It should make it clear you're not going to bite should someone approach. Are you holding yourself well and wearing a big smile? Or are you fidgeting, drinking too fast, or giving off your 'scowly face' because you haven't seen anyone that takes your fancy?

    This is no place to wear your heart on your sleeve. Keep smiling regardless of what you're thinking. Even if you don't feel romantically inclined towards someone, don't diss them, it's not good dating karma and hey, you never know how many hot friends they've got.
  3. Confidence
    First impressions count. The first thing anyone notices is how you carry yourself and the vibe you're putting out. We clock these things subconsciously via body language and eye-contact.

    Make a note to be aware of yours. Make a checklist of your prize assets and be ready to showcase them. Use your eyes to give the full warmth of your full attention, your posture to convey positive body image and your smile to bask in the banter.
  4. Body language/Posture
    Ninety percent of what we say is dictated by our body language. It's in the big picture stuff as well as the small: the way we gesture, tilt our head and preen ourselves. Focus on the message you want to get across and make sure your body language reflects it. Pay attention to your posture. Bad posture puts out bad vibes. It's really not going to do if you're slumped over with all your body parts closed up and inward facing.

    Pull your shoulders back, tummy in, chin up. If you're sitting, be aware of how your legs are positioned. Are they crumpled beneath you, elegantly crossed or spread wide enough to straddle a horse?

    Find the position that's both comfortable and flattering. Keep your body language open not closed (no crossed arms thanks). Don't be afraid to be animated and expressive, but don't overdo it with the gesticulating either, it might kill the moment if you send the drinks flying.

    And guys, since it is a fact that women generally have better instincts when it comes to sending 'signals' – pay attention to what their body language is saying.
  5. Eye-contact
    Strong eye-contact conveys two things: confidence and lust! If you want to let someone special know you could be interested 'in more than just coffee', hit them with the “intimate gaze”.

    Let your gaze drop from their eyes and take in their lips for a just a few seconds before moving back up to their eyes. Practice in front of the mirror if you've not tried it before. Yes really!
How to flirt while speed dating: Part 2

Whether you have plans to step out on a Speed Dating session, or take in a singles event, there are loads of ways to up your game.

Here are the Flirt Diva's top tips to take you from frazzled to dazzled and make an unforgettable first, fast impression.

Last week we looked at how to make a good impression at a speed dating event, this week we look at-'what to say!'

Question Time
Think of this as great practice run for that moment when you meet your OMG! soul mate. Have you thought the moment through? What are your ice-breakers? What do you have up your sleeve?

Surely your first question will not be the tragically predictable, “So, what do you do?” NO!

Leave the work questions for now – there's plenty of time for that later. It's a night out and it's meant to be fun – so don't make it all about work.

Kick-start things with the fun questions – keep a stash of 'What's your favourite…?' questions ready to fire off.

Start with the social stuff: drinking places, holiday spots, and things to do on the weekend. And then, if you really can't hold back from the dreaded work question, set the tone by volunteering what you do first.

Keep it to the point and hopefully your flirt-mate will take the lead. And girls, keep the work questions brief and casual. It shouldn't come across like a Spanish Inquisition!

Focus on what your flirt-mate is saying. Rather than being on autopilot and fast-forwarding to what you will say next, make an effort to really stop and listen.

Let the conversation follow its natural course and once your flirt-mate's said their piece – take the time to respond thoughtfully.

Pepper the exchange with light-hearted questions. Don't stick to a script. You're not on a fact finding mission here. You can find out all the facts in the world later, if there's chemistry.

Right now the challenge is to unearth the essence of the person. Keep up great eye-contact and lots of responsive looks and nods. Interject once they're finished, rather than interrupting with your (more interesting!) version half way through. And when the time is right, reveal a little about yourself and then flip the spotlight back to them.

That will help encourage your flirt-mate to open up and keep the conversation balanced evenly between you.

And then it's just a matter of remembering your ABCs

A = Ask the W Questions: What, Where and How
What's been the highlight of your week so far? What do you normally do on a Saturday night when you're not speed dating?

Feel free to use the 'I' word, just be sure it includes these questions:

oI came here last week and I loved it. What do you think of it?
oI love this area; I come here all the time. How 'bout you?
oI'm going to a massive Halloween bash next weekend – what's your plans?
B = Be yourself: Be excited, surprised, and delighted – don't hide it and don't be afraid to say what you think, for example:
oYou're hilarious!
oYou're fun!
o'm having a great time!
oThis is the most I've laughed all week!

Your flirt-mate will take it as a great compliment!

C = Concentrate: Make every effort to put your flirt-mate under the spotlight
The message should be – 'it's all about you!' So don't be looking over their shoulder or craning your head to see 'who's over there'!
oLook them squarely in the eye, pay attention to what they're saying and make them feel like the most irresistible person alive.
Top Ten Survival Tips For Singles

How often have you found yourself in a room with a drop dead gorgeous stranger - knowing full well that an opportunity like this might never come again - and never made a move?

So how about this for an idea? Instead of sighing and wistfully thinking about what could have been – do something in 2009 to get over your flirt-phobia!

Single? Get out there and flirt your socks off!

  1. Get your flirting mojo into overdrive. Learn to collect confidence points and flirt at any and every opportunity! Surround yourself with fabulously supportive wing-women who know you're on a mission to flirt and will back you up at every turn.
  2. Prepare your station ladies! Have all your ammo ready before you go into flirt mode and be ready for all and any occasions. That means accessories, grooming, styling, outfit, make-up, hair, hygiene and of course - to-die-for lingerie.
  3. Step into the flirt zone. Once you're out and about, flirting opportunities will start presenting themselves left right and centre. You need to be on high alert and ready to act immediately!
  4. Don't waste your time on standoffish, cold flirts, go for warm cuddly flirts.
  5. Lose the attitude. Get rid of it! Men don't like it – especially when you're so haughty - it terrifies them! They have a hard enough time coming up and saying hello let alone putting up with your attitude. Why confuse him with your “hard to get” signals?
  6. So you've met someone you like - well let them know! Bang them over the head with it! Keep eye contact with him and keep him involved. Men have very short attention spans so practice repeating the same moves over. Every once in a while lick your lips.
  7. Yes we know the weather is crap. Yes we know the country is in recession, but ditch the glum-fest because while a radiant smile draws like a magnet, a sour down turned mouth will do the opposite.
  8. Rewire your brain – this is the year when dreams become realities. Keep a vision of how your hot new life will look and conjure it up every time you're having a bad moment.
  9. Leave the house and always look like you're ready to party. Or at least have a chat!
  10. Smile. Smile. Smile like your life depends on it!