from Late 2011:

Hey Sue, it was a great night, one of the most fun I've been on. The other girls were great and we’ve planned to go out again next week..
S and I were chatting to some guys at the Porterhouse downstairs.
E ended up with the good looking German guy.
All 4 of us went to the Roundhouse at the end.
Seemed like a successful night!

- Nx

Thanks Sue, it was good to meet you and thanks for the flattery (maybe I am only 38 after all!). Anyway, I've taken your suggestion and booked for the Punch on 13 August - let's see how that goes. Thanks for the reading - plenty to think about. Will be in contact and I hope last night went well. Until then,
- A

Sue, You are SO sweet! You have put the biggest smile on my face, thank you for such kind and lovely words. My mum will love being a superstar too :)

I really hope our paths cross again because you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Plus you are just loads of fun!

Until next time :) xxx

Hi Sue

Thanks for the email.

Was lovely to meet you and you did a great job.

Was a fun evening (though being "with child" I left the hardcore party girls to it at about 12.00) - I think the hen herself was actually top flirt!

Take care x

- V

Hi Sue,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I've been busting out those moves you taught me and I am very happy to say that I met a really lovely woman last week, we flirted all night and we're going out on a date next week, very exciting!

So thanks again for all your words of wisdom, feel like I've turned a corner at last and no matter how it works out next week I feel like I've definitely found my inner flirt diva at last, hoorah! x

- B

Hi Sue,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for such a fab flirting afternoon on Saturday. Vicki forwarded on your message - I'm so glad you had fun with us too. We really loved having you with us, you're such fun! You made me remember that even though I'm getting married I still need to flirt with my hubby-to-be. Once I've recovered from our night out I will do just that (can't believe I'm having a two day hangover!).

We were giggling all night long putting our flirting into action. Smiling and saying hello. I actually think Natalie won in the end. She flirted with the bar man so much that we got a free bottle of champagne and a round of tequilla slammers!

Hope you had a fun Saturday night at your party and that your gorgeous man joined you too.

love and hugs xxxx

- H


What an enjoyable and insightful way to spend a Friday night! Sue Flirt Diva Goddess Extraordinaire is genuine, warm, generous with her time and knowledge to personally guide and soothe you around that minefield of a social venue and horrors of horrors men! Ditch the laptop, doll yourself up and let the FSS commence .

And…for anyone who’s considering a consultation, I am currently 3 weeks into a 1 to 1 coaching experience with the fab sassy lady herself. As well as initiation into the world of lights, camera, action, flirt divadom ... Sue has been so intuitive in other areas of my life I have been getting whiplash not knowing what to look at and deal with first! She has brought calm, focus, goals and hmmm red wine ;o). Very blessed to have met such a lovely, fun, inspirational lady - you rock! x

- J

Hey Sue/Flirty Divas! What a fab night just a shame I had to head off so early but I am working on the whole location issue so last trains won't be a problem for too much longer :-)

Anyhoos, thanks for all the tips and advice Sue and thankyou girlies for all your support throughout the night! I LOVE smiling so an easy one for me to work on... Icebreakers on the other hand are DEFINITELY an issue but as they say practice makes perfect so looking forward to getting out there on working on ma technique!! xx

PS: Good luck with the SD tonight... flirt 'em dead ;-)

- Jx

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your email and it was good to meet you too! Really enjoyed the evening and think it did bring my attention to the areas I need to work on in practice. I agree with what you say in your email too, about myself as well as the other lovely ladies! time to move on and break down the barriers!

I tried some of the tactics at a birthday party last night, but I have to admit I’ve still got a way to go but like you said, practice, practice, practice!! See you!

- E

My old friend Sue,

I have to call you old friend as I feel like knowing you for years!

Thank you for your email and attachments. I love to read your words that feel like you are talking to me face to face! I'd like to try everything you told me and I do believe it will make a significant difference!

That was a blessing to meet you even by mistake! Imagine I could have had a awful speedating night with no cheerful result! I hope we can meet up again someday and I will bring my Mr. Right!


- Y

Hi Sue,

Thanks ever so much for sending my profile through. I feel like I have had a really great change in attitude about how I feel about myself and going out there and practising my flirting since our consultation.

I think I realised that I felt so self conscious of my condition that I was forgetting all the good stuff about myself and had almost totally disregarded it all and you made me realise that these are actually all the important things I should be remembering that should be pushing me forward instead of holding myself back. So! The good news is that I think I have finally let go of all the negativity that I felt inside and genuinely feel a lot more happy and comfortable with myself which feels like such a massive relief I can tell you!

I also feel really excited about getting out there and practising my new skills instead of scared and nervous which is also a big step forward for me and I have found myself a fantastic new wingwoman to go out and practise with who definitely knows all the right moves and is definitely not going to let me get away with falling into my old habits of doing nothing and shying away from it all!

So thankyou for all your good advice and making me see things a whole lot differently, I'll keep you posted with how it all goes! x

- B

Thanks Sue, Had a great time on Friday and have been practising since.............................

I was at a speed dating event last night so another date in the pipeline!!!
I actually broke the ice with him at the bar before we even went into the event.....the flirting is working girl!

As you can tell I respond well to a challenge!! xxx

- L

Morning Sue/Ladies

Sue, thanks for an amazing evening - I had so much fun I want to come back to do it all again! You simply are such a fun lady to have around on a night out; a fantastic role model, not to mention man magnet!! The men seemed to be literally going wild...like the touch of the little black dress provocateur with the daizy..lots of ideas there. Thanks for the feedback re the make up. I agree it's time for a make over so I'm going to Selfridges tmrw, and then may just practice my flirting techniques in one of London's top chic stores!!!

So just to say I had a fantastic time meeting with all of you amazing and stunning ladies. I really want to keep in touch with you all so we can go out and be the flirting divas that we've become!!!

- H

Sue, Just had to let you know that my final flirt of the night resulted in the promise of a hot date!! He's 6ft something tall, handsome and we have loads in common...we really hit it off ! He wanted me to go on to other places with the promise that he'd make sure I was safe getting back....!! We exchanged numbers, so will keep you posted..He had a few very handsome friends with him and I was thinking about all you lovely ladies....

Thanks for a brilliant night!

- L.

To dear Sue, thanks so much for a wonderful night on Friday night, your great wisdom and advise, and lovely words of encouragement! and all the time also you spent with us guiding and supporting us. It has helped me a GREAT DEAL! Also terrific to meet a fellow Ozzie!!

Jade green eye pencil on my list this week!

- K

Hi Sue …have just purchased your book online, and feel very motivated to make change. Getting my diary sorted for this week's activities. Feel much more confident to face man at work with confidence this week, but not get hooked anymore and cycle of being too timid, as will be meeting a lot of people over the next month!!

Thank you so much for your compassion, insight, expertise and helping me to make steps to move forward permanently. It makes a big difference having someone who has experienced romantic, the good and bad, and come out the other end with a wonderful long term relationship too. Leaves sharks in the industry for dead (!!)...

- CR

from earlier:

“Relationships expert Sue Ostler is a professional flirt. She's so good at it that, every time we speak on the telephone, I want to ask her on a date, and I'm happily married – honest! Ostler teaches women to flirt successfully, but not in a sleazy, sexual way. She teaches women to love themselves by improving their self-confidence and self-image, which is the true secret to successful flirting. Every guy loves a confident woman and, perhaps more importantly, every guy's mates love a confident woman.”
- Chris Sheedy - Journalist

“I have read books that get your thoughts into gear. I really recommend "Get over it" by Sue Ostler. It made me realise I wasn't going crazy - everyone goes through the same situations.”
- Rosie Beaton – Radio & TV Announcer, Triple J, ABC

“Sue Ostler’s warm and wonderfully honest approach will definitely help you survive in the love jungle.”
- Jessica Adams, author of Single White E-mail and team editor, Girls’ Night In

Hi Sue,

As I don't read anything properly in advance, rather I just impulsively dive in there, I was totally amazed that you gave that personalised analysis at the end of the course, so that is a real bonus. The personalised profile really helps boost a person’s confidence because I think some confidence is lacking in my personal life, and you just sort of gave me the green light.

You help create a fun atmosphere and at the same time make very sharp observations. Participation is very interactive allowing everyone to have a say which makes it easier when you want to speak up – it doesn’t seem so scary.

Reading about something and actually having the author as a coach and mentor makes a world of difference. This course heightens your observations and I can already see changes. You are just so passionate baby what else can I say.

You have been absolutely wonderful and I hope that we can all sign up for the second course. I don't mind which evening I will go along with the majority.
- Samantha from Shoreditch xx

Hi Sue,

Thanks for the course, it has been really encouraging and thanks also for the positive comments..

I have worked very hard on myself since I split from my ex….was such a terrible experience I had to…the only problem is that I feel that I am a 43 year old 25 year old!!…perhaps not a problem…but I suspect it is why I seem to find it much easier to meet young men that are interested in me…but not men closer to me in age…but this course and meeting the other girls I think will solve this problem….feel very fortunate to have met you and the ‘flirt squad’.

Have decided from Jan to rev up my life and that courage and self respect are my mottos for 2010…am not afraid of making mistakes…and need to crack my lack of confidence.

See you on Saturday…..looking forward to it…am going to try with not drinking much - just a couple to relax……as want to practice real skills, even if it feels more uncomfortable.
- Alannis 43


I am SO ready for this Sue!

Thank you for your kind offer of help - am up for any help I can get...

I think you’re such an amazing person; loaded with energy and sharing your knowledge to help others. Your passion for your field of expertise shines through and you have jumped on a fantastic opportunity to make your passion your career with an ever increasing audience of single 30's...

Seriously, you have changed my life. I now realise I can flirt for fun, and have fun with it... its opened up a whole new world for me.

Having you enter my life and the other girls has made me realise what I have been missing out on - I have decided my goal for next year (this year was dating) is going to spend more time just being girly... very exciting prospect indeed :)

I did what you suggested and wrote a list of all those I have dated this year and what qualities I found attractive/not attractive... there were some themes. I have cleared the diary of 'coffees' and have followed up with two possible’s who I really enjoyed being in the company of... like you say, just to give them a chance, on a deeper level.

Nothing lost anyway, as I said this has opened a whole new world for me. I've waved goodbye to the baggage and am enjoying getting out there and having fun... I stride down the street, head up, more confident and happy in my own skin. I almost hope that I don't meet someone too soon!

I am your strongest advocate. I will write up my review as soon as I have finished the book and will be taking it away on holiday with me so I can read it on the beach in Thailand (is there a better place to flirt and feel sassy than on holiday?!?!?). Very much looking forward to Saturday evening and the follow-up sessions in the New Year.

My career has taught me to exert confidence and mix and mingle and the art of small-talk but I just don't seem to get it to go beyond that... like I said last night.... I am not a player but have been played around emotionally with by a 'jerk' (feels so good to be able to say that!) for the past four years - all confidence denting (I can empathise with you and the counselling stuff). You hit the spot with saying last week of 'he stepped aside'... Anyway, enough of poor me! That stuff is now nicely packaged in a box at the back of the top shelf and I am refreshed and renewed and on a mission :)

You are so good for the soul! Thank you so much for such a kind gesture, it brings a tear to my eye!
- Lana 32

After 32 years of abject sexual failure and humiliation piled upon humiliation, Sue Ostler’s workshop gave me hope that I might be able to meet someone before I die.
- Nigel Bowen, Ralph Magazine


Thank YOU! I had an absolute blast; you will definitely be seeing me at the next one.


Hi Sue,

Thank you! I had a great time and as I said I think it’s a great, positive thing you're doing there. So different from all those crappy 'how to bag a man' things. It was really empowering for those girls and I think they all took away something good from it, even if it was just to have connected with other women - which actually I thought was a great part of it all!
- Amy Cooper, Sun Herald

I truly thought it was a fabulous evening! There wasn’t too much information to process, and the atmosphere really allowed women to let go! And they did!
- Emma Bradshaw. Next Media


Great tips, happy hip feeling, things I knew that I didn’t or hadn’t quite sunk in before, you only attract happy people when you are happy within yourself. Fabulous program filled with fun and funky things. PS I’m actually putting your tips into action and getting off the lounge.
- Shayne

I thought the approach was really good. Sue pointing out that it’s your viewpoint that you need to change i.e. date and learn. At 7.10pm I can say I've been enjoying myself thoroughly.
- Mike


Had a fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
- Chris

Thanks Sue,

Lots of sun and a great concept! Have more please!
- Naomi

Thanks Sue,

Note to self- do not brag about assets. Had a good time.
- Rod


Thanks very much for a great day, enjoyed it heaps.
- Di

Had a great time Sue, you are very inspiring and fun.
- Matt

Hey Sue!

Thanks for today- was interesting and learnt heaps. Will have to get your books now.
- Carlie

I had such a great day! I came with the feeling I was going to a job interview (just a tad nervous) - but it was so much fun, I feel like I can approach dating in a much more fun and exciting way. Thanks Sue, you’re fantastic.
- Mel

Cool, fun day very informative.
- Matt

Thanks Sue, More fun than I expected.
- Lyle

The people I've met were great. Theory and organization very interactive. Sue is great and very passionate, with a few changes this would be excellent. Fast dating – good, drinks - good.
- Peter

Really great. A good way to spend Valentines Day. I’ve learnt a lot of useful skills. Thanks for a marvelous evening.
- Paul


Sue, your seminar today was very insightful. I am definitely not going away empty handed. Thank YOU! I had a ball.
- Susan

I’ll be back next time – I needed that confidence boost and Sue’s workshop and night out hit the nail right on the head
- Bec, Cosmopolitan

Thank-you for a super seminar with a twist – the Vodka & Chocolate therapy was just what the doctor ordered. This was my second one and I’ll see you at the next one!
- Shayne