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Sex, Divas & Rock 'n' Roll

When Sue’s not coaching regular women, she’s studying the A-Lister flirts – and she’s studied the best. She’s hung out with Pamela Anderson and Courtney Love; exchanged flirt tips with Kylie and Nicole Kidman. She’s swapped tips with Sex and the City’s own Candace Bushnell, and rubbed shoulders with Kate Moss. During it all, she’s reinvented herself from rock chick to Queen of Love!

Sue’s undeniable links to all things Sex, Divas and Rock ‘n Roll, plus her undying belief that there is a Flirt Diva in every woman just waiting to burst out, has developed into unique collaborations with brands such as Sony PSW, Benefit Cosmetics, Cosmopolitan, Time Out, Lucky Voice Karaoke and the Lovebox Festival – all of which have helped to create a direct link to the right audience.