"This is real advice. I will use it when I leave here today. Sue teaches the way she speaks, from the heart. I’ve learnt more in 1.5 hours with her than in a lifetime of dating." - Ravi 42.

"The best thing about Sue is that she doesn’t even seem like a coach, she’s just like a cool girl dishing out the tips. I’m OK when it comes to keeping a conversation going but making an approach is really hard for me. I just wish she’d come out with me as my wing-woman and give me that push I need." - Pete 36.

"When I was younger I tried The Game, now that I’m in my 30’s, I’m over all that and I’m ready to meet someone for the long-term and settle down. Sue’s methods suit me because I don’t want a one night stand. I want a relationship!" - Jo 34.

"At Sue’s masterclass we got beer, advice and a whole lot of laughs. She’s a fun lady. Plus there was footy playing in the background. And her classes kick ass. Best Saturday afternoon’s entertainment I’ve had for a long time!" - Andy 32.

"Sue has a way of making you feel good about yourself. She sees everyone’s positives and is happy to point them out. I’d never been told I was good looking until I met Sue, now that my confidence has improved so much, I’ve been getting loads more attention." - Mo 29.

"I respond best to practical tips. And that’s what I’ve got today. I can get off my butt tonight and go out and practice them, knowing that there is no such thing as failing. Sue makes this seem low risk and less scary than I ever thought possible." - Jamie 39