How to Man Up!

Sue Ostler has been coaching, consulting and writing about women since 1998. Now she is ready to share her knowledge, experience and tips with men – because what’s the point of women having all the knowledge!

Sue Ostler - Sex, Dating & Really Confusing Girls

In 2009 Sue started coaching men. She has since researched new seduction techniques, hosted one-on-one consultations, workshops, masterclasses and events and is widely-read on the subjects of psychology and seduction.

Sue’s signature book Flirt Diva was aimed at single, sassy women who wanted to learn to flirt. Encouraged by those same women who said, ‘But what about the men?’ she sat down and compiled her knowledge.

Three hundred pages later and she has just completed her latest book Sex, Dating & Really Confusing Girls! Jam-packed with endless insights by women and available from November 7, this is Secret Women’s Information at its best!

Sue’s experience with women has taught her that women want a man who is a man, they want to revert back to a time when men were men...The message throughout is – if you want to get loved up – you’ve got to man up!

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