Sue Ostler: Flirt Expert, Author, Columnist
"Sue Ostler really is the Queen of Love" - New Woman magazine
Sue Ostler, Flirt Diva

Dubbed the Queen of Love by New Woman magazine and Flirt Diva by the Metro UK, Sue Ostler has been a refreshing spokesperson in the field of all things love, lust and the morning after pill…since launching Flirt Diva Love Therapy in 2004.

A recognised spokesperson in the field of relationships, Sue brings expertise, credibility and authority to the naked facts of life in the 21st century and is ready to tackle your tricky dating and mating problems!

Sue’s undying belief that there’s a Flirt Diva in every woman just waiting to burst out, has developed into an exciting and unique collaboration with all things flirting.

In 2008, Sue created her alter ego, the wildly saucy, outspoken, Flirt Diva! Star of the travelling Flirt-Shows. Join Sue, as personal coach and mentor for an evening of flirting shenanigans. Find out everything you wanted to know about mating, dating and the 'morning after' but were too scared to ask! After the event, each participant will have a one-on-one debrief with Sue and receive a personalised Flirt Profile.

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