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Flirt Diva to the Rescue!

Flirt Diva is the beloved hero and dating guru of single women. She's armed with special powers, a big heart, bigger hair and a saucy wink. Follow her as she shimmies around the UK toiling tirelessly to fight Female Angst with a whish and a whoosh of her silver wand, transforming All The Single Ladies from frustrated to fabulous. Who is this Flirt Diva? Why, it’s none other than Britain’s Queen of Love, Sue Ostler!

Each year thousands of women and men seek her out. Whether their romantic radar has malfunctioned, they’ve been dumped, or they wouldn’t recognise a flirt move if it hit them over the head, it’s time to call Flirt Diva!

Tune in to witness a range of extraordinary rescues – from Kate who’s 46, chronically shy and about to go on her first online date – how to cope? Next up is an emergency call from 37 year old Wendy – last night’s blind date went horribly, tragically wrong. Then it’s car-crashtastic Carol who at 51 is frankly outraged to be getting late night, ‘Wanna be my sex slave?’ texts from her new toy boy, and is in a total flap! Can Flirt Diva save the day?