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About the Flirt Diva Academy

Welcome to the Flirt Diva Academy!

Founded in 2005 by Sue Ostler, former journalist, publisher, editor, advertising guru and media junkie, the Flirt Diva Academy has become a leading ‘dating’ brand, supporting single adults through live courses, events, flirt-shops and training programmes.

We provide a platform for men and women to understand the nuances of modern day dating and skew their approach accordingly. This is our thirteenth year of running and we get bigger and better every year.

Over the last thirteen years we've come to recognise that men and women can achieve their wildest dreams by finding their inner confidence – and their inner flirt. We offer quirky flirting workshops in and around London for those who want to learn all about dating in a warm and fuzzy low-risk, and often hilarious, environment with likeminded people.

If you can dish out the 3C’s: Confidence, Cheekiness and Charm – you’ll succeed at anything...
Make 2017 your year to get loved up!!

Sue Ostler