Lashes, Liner & Love Tips with Flirt Diva at the Powder Room Soho

The Powder Room
Lashes, Liner & Love Tips with Flirt Diva at The Powder Room

The Powder Room The Powder Room Soho have joined forces with the Flirt Diva to present a series of Glam Diva Masterclasses.

Thurs Feb 10 – Mon Feb 14 12pm - 6pm
That's 5 whole days of indulgence!

Bookings & Enquiries: Call The Powder Room on 0844 879 4928,
or email,
or Sue at

Stop Press…Exciting News for all you Glam Divas!!
Who says you need a guy to make this Valentines special?
Ladies, unearth your weapons of mass seduction!

Lashes, Liner and Love Tips £30 for £30 minutes
Learn how to flutter those fab new lashes as you master the art of the come hither look. Once you're all lashed up, you’ll head over for a private lesson with the Flirt Diva in how to Work those Eyes to conjure up the most sizzling eye-contact ever!

Make-overs, Masterclasses, Pink Fizz and Flirting! From £30
This exclusive and fabulous event includes a full makeover with the PowderPuff beauty experts. Grab a group of 5 or more of your fave girls, sit back in the gorgeous surrounds of the Powder Room and sip pink bubbly whilst you learn to unleash your inner vamp and flaunt those lashes with this unique 2-part session.

Pay attention as the PowderPuff Girls Babes work their magic, transforming your face into high definition glamour with a complete eye, lip and lash make-over. Once your complexion is glimmering and your lips are shimmering, 30 minute flirting classes will be led by the Flirt Diva. Learn how to work those smokin’ eyes with bold eye-contact and master the art of the sexy, sultry and oh-so seductive.

Now you have the tools to get the guy - learn how to use them!

Once everyone is glamorous and beautiful, and warmed up with pink fizz and sweet concoctions, feel free to sashay out and hit the local hip bars to practice what you’ve learnt throughout the night.

Why let all that gorgeousness go to waste?

Bookings & Enquiries: Call The Powder Room on 0844 879 4928,
or email
or Sue at