Time Out Magazine & Flirt Diva Therapy present:

Everybody Flirts... Sometimes

[Time Out]

Thursday October 14, 6.30pm

[The Langley]

The Langley: 5 Langley Street, London, WC2H 9JA

This new flirting initiative invites Londoners to take part in the ultimate flirting Schmooze and Booze, Snooze you Lose fest – professional and amateur flirts welcome! Led by Sue's Makin' A Move Masterclass, you will learn the secrets of how to sizzle, electrity and seduce. Come along to find your perfect match, or just to have a flirt and a few laughs.

Step 1. Makin’ a Move Masterclass
Guys and girls enter separately for Flirt School where they study some fancy new flirt moves and learn to work the room with va va voom.

Step 2. Celebrity Match
Take your celebrity ID and find your celebrity match.

Step 3. Game of Skills & Thrills
Now you have the tools to get the guy or girl – here’s the chance to use them. Try out your party tricks and put your new skills to the test as you practice the 3 P’s: Poise, Personality & Pulling Power! Send bold signals and flaunt your hot new smokin’ attitude with sizzling eye-contact & great body language.

Step 4.
Pop over to the Flirt Diva booth to see Sue for a private consulation during the party. Then, take your place and get set to test your skill. Cos tonight’s gonna be a good night…

6:30pm Take positions for Flirt Masterclass
7:00pm Get your celebrity ID
7:30pm Put your new skills to the test
9:00pm Official activites end. Time to head to the bar and make your own fun
1:00am Bar closes

Ticket price includes:
o Vodka Jelly-Shots, choc treats and sweets
o Flirt Bar: Personalised Flirt Power session with Flirt Diva, Sue Ostler
o Have a complete Flirting MOT: Exploit the latest mating, dating and speed-faking philosophies to explore your inner flirt.
o Lost your mojo? Find it here!

Ticket Price: £15.00

For bookings and more details for these and other courses, events and further Flirt Shops, please email:

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