Corporate Events:

Sue Ostler Sue Ostler is highly sought after public speaker available for public speaking, motivational team-building events and executive coaching.

Over the years Sue has Sue has consulted companies including Unilever (Lynx), Sony Entertainment and the UK’s largest online dating group: Easydate Groups. She has been `live and fabulous’ in many corporate event settings with experiential events ranging from the Sony PS3’s Singstar 2 launch to Benefit Cosmetics and the Erotic Women’s Emporium and the Cupcake Boutiqe. She has performed her Flirty not Dirty! show at festivals like the Loveboxer Weekender Festival and partnered with media outlets Time Out, Metro and Cosmo to host both private and public single’s events for up to 500 people.

Sue has taken what she’s learned through developing and producing books, events, and flirt shows, and can happily adapt it to your business or social needs, whether that be a corporate event, or an informative interactive team building workshop.

Sue is a professionally trained stand up comic and lends a comedic element wherever appropriate and whenever possible. At the end of the day, flirting is about confidence, cheekiness and charm, more than anything it’s about having a laugh and helping people relax!

If you would like to motivate and empower the men and women in your business or social network with a show that’s pure entertainment and hilarity, or focusing more on the information side of things, this is one unique way to do it! The end result will see your colleagues armed them with all the tools and rules, tips and tricks of the confidence and communication game.

The workshops and event take place in your own business environment or in a venue of your choice.

Email:   info < at > flirtdiva < dot > com   (replace  < at >  with "@" and  < dot >  with ".")