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Comic Bio

Feisty, flirty and effortlessly funny Sue Ostler has entertained the troops across London’s comedy/singles scene with over 300 gigs, from Flirt Shimmies to Hen’s Parties, Men’s Only Flirting Classes, Karaoke parties, and the occasional stand-up gig, since she arrived from Sydney on the day of the London bombings in 2005 – talk about an explosive welcome!

Known as the Flirt Diva, and hailed as the Queen of Love, Sue is a bona fide expert on all things mating, dating and match-making. Thanks to her published books, weekly live events, and columns in the UK’s leading publications including Cosmo, Metro and Timeout, Sue has a solid media profile, and Flirt Diva Therapy is well known by passionate people of all ages, the only criteria being a lust for life!

Sue’s undying belief that there’s a Flirt Diva in every woman, has developed into a unique career and a nomination as Australian Woman of the Year in the UK 2010.