Relationships That Rock! How To Meet and Keep The Perfect Partner.
Published September 2004. On sale Now!

What do women want? The candid answers that nobody else will give about sex, lust and bad boy-itis. Sue completely relates to what it’s like meeting the Wrong Guy, the Perfect Guy or the Misunderstood Guy and having absolutely no clue how to handle them, or the relationship.

Relationships that Rock! will save you years of pain and trauma by delivering the secret short cuts to help you avoid relationship hell and go straight to relationship heaven. Full of interviews with fabulous Love Savvy women, it offers a refreshingly intelligent alternative to the outrageously unrealistic clichéd messages women see and hear everyday from books, magazines, television, advertisements, workmates and relatives. It’s the thinking women’s guide to dating smarter, playing harder and holding your own in the relationship stakes. It’s for you if:

  • You find yourself gazing into the abyss of your romantic future
  • You’re looking for some shagging privileges
  • Your crappy life has come crashing down all around you
  • The romantic radar has malfunctioned yet again
  • You’re tired of playing romantic roulette
  • You’re ready for some adventures in Romantic City

It will show you how to keep a cool head while dramatically increasing your chances of meeting a like minded Soul Mate without relinquishing your pride, self respect and dignity. There are no antiquated 'time tested secrets for capturing the heart of Mr Right' - you're too smart for that crap. With chapters like, 'you won't get laid if you won't lay down and get walked over', it will make you laugh and make you cry. Sue Ostler isn't one of those 'relationship experts' who tells others how to snare their man with a flick of the head and a flutter of an eyelash and then leaves them high and dry when it comes to relationship maintenance. She serves up a delicious slick on the thinking girl's survival tips and practical advice on all things romantic.

Email Sue at for a personally signed copy with a tailored message! £10, or together with Flirt Diva and Get On With It! for £27!

Relationships That Rock!