Get Over It! A Love Junkies Guide (1998 A & U)

After an epic relationship spanning four years, Sue got a taste of love gone wrong. She was dumped big-time! Get Over It! immortalizes not only her story but recounts dozens of other tales of heartbreak and the devastation that comes with love shock. Packed with spirited insights, sympathetic and practical advice, shockwaves, chuckles and tips, it is the definitive break-up girls’ survival kit.

It’s for you if you’re:

  • A love junkie on a one way trip to hell and back
  • In the midst of a hardcore identity crisis
  • Heading for singledom and terrified
  • In a destructive relationship and wanting to get out
  • Wanting to reconcile a broken relationship
  • Lured by the idea of having sex with your ex
  • Sick of licking your love wounds
  • Looking for a new direction and a lust for life
  • Feeling like you can’t start living until you’re in a relationship
Get Over It!