Get Over It!

Get On With It! How to be sassy, successful and single

Sue wrote about being single long before it had come out of the closet. Get On With It! How To Be Sassy, Successful and Single (A & U 2002) is on sale in all good book stores and has been re-released this September due to demand and is on sale now.

Following hard on the heels of the heartbreak manual, Get Over It! - A love junkies guide, Get On With It! is THE definitive single girl's manual. A funky user-friendly guide designed to help launch your fantasy life. A true celebration of the Bridge Jones generation. Packed with gazillions of tips, stories, advice, suggestions, examples, quotes and information, Get On With It! is a springboard for attracting sexy new relationships and attacking life with the same passion usually reserved for R.O.M.A.N.C.E. It covers the full spectrum from financial independence, to why we're staying single longer, friends, health, home, careers, dating and the nasty truths about casual sex!

  • Challenge the myth that you have to be in love to be happy
  • Stop thinking about being single as 'in-between relationships' time
  • Have the time of your life

Email Sue at for a personally signed copy with a tailored message! £10, or together with Flirt Diva and Relationships That Rock! for £27!


“As single women we live by our wits. We're givers, not takers. Winners, not losers. We're setting trends, not following them. And we're devastatingly attractive precisely because we're not married! There's more to us than somebody's idea of a wife, fiancée or girlfriend.......We are, repeat after me, who WE want to be, NOT who someone else wants us to be. And to try and shorten the natural life span of this phase is berserk. Bottom line: it's possibly the only time we'll get in our entire lives to figure out who we are.”

“Sassy, single women are revolutionaries in this field. We're playing to win, and that means on our own terms. Sooner or later us late bloomers will warm up and take off. Love blossoms at all different ages, in all different circumstances for all different people. All girls have choices; marriage is no longer the defining achievement. There's a New Girl Order and it demands a loosely crafted plan. You're smart as hell, that's how you get R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Armed properly you can be the power-babe on the block, ready to embrace the heady concept of life and all it delivers. And get ready to party - we've got stuff to celebrate.”