Flirt Diva: the Book

On Valentines Day in 2002, the UKs Queen of Love and Flirt Diva extraordinaire, Sue Ostler was single and over it!

Determined to turn her life around, she created the 6-Week-Get-Loved-Up Plan, and leaping out from behind her Flirt Diva alter ego, her transformation from earthling to love goddess began. Today, seven years later, Sue is more loved up than she has ever been. She has learnt from her mistakes and come to terms with it all, from binge-flirting to break-ups and man malfunctions, now she wants to share the love and spread the word.

So she has gone out there and put together the Get Loved Up plan.

Flirt Diva presents the revolutionary 6-Step Plan that will bring immediate results, and put women on the fast track to finding romance. Funny, smart and inspirational, Flirt Diva is a star-spangled brand of love therapy which shows sassy women worldwide how to flirt like a superstar. It s the first book ever to get down and dirty with the first ladies of divadom from the wild women of Hollywood, and the bad girls of Britain, to all the pouting pop princesses, style icons and goddesses in between a must have for all lust-starved love junkies.

Just the tonic for lusty women who have their eye set on the big (romantic) prize!

“Ladies, the Love Goddess has landed! Get ready to reboot your booty with these tried and true tricks and tips. Learn the secrets of celebrity Flirt Divas, those hot, hot superstars who can stop traffic with the flick of their head, or a cheeky smile. Let one of the world s leading flirt experts share her unique approach to Flirt Divadom, and then try it out for yourself. Sex up your love life with flair and attitude while charming your way right to the top of the A-List. Flirting is the new rock n roll! The Greatest Flirt-Tips On The Planet!”

Email Sue at for a personally signed copy with a tailored message! £10, or together with Relationships that Rock! and Get On With It! for £27!

You can also purchase this book on Amazon here, or as an e-book here.